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30 Year History of Recruiting the Best Sales Professionals


Doyle and Associates, Inc. is an Executive Search and Recruiting firm who specializes in a variety of sales disciplines on a local, regional and national basis. 


The Industries we serve and recruit into are:

· Sales Marketing Positions

· Finance/Accounting Sales Positions

· Food/Beverage Positions

· Manufacturing Positions

· Engineering Sales Positions

· Manufacturing Sales Positions

· Construction Sales Positions

Our clients have come to rely upon us to present the top talent in their respective industries. We constantly strive to present only individuals who meet the qualifications they need. 

'A Players' perform 8-10 times more than 'B Players' - Topgrading


· 1 out of 2 hires will be mis-hires - Jack Welch

· 36% of bad hires due to poor skill matching

· 66% of all hiring decisions will prove to be false within the first year - Peter Drucker

· 21% of bad hires due to insufficient talent intelligence

· 80% of employee turnover due to mis-hires

We look forward to building a mutually successful working relationship with you. All our conversations are always strictly confidential.

For over 30 years Doyle and Associates has been recruiting sales professionals for companies of all sizes, in almost all industries, making their salesforce stronger.